Felo FW-06 BIKE or SCOOTER Certainly unique and VERY FUN (even on the track) The proof of Moto.it



Difficult to find a place for it, the Felo FW-06 is difficult to place! At first you call it a scooter, then you look at it better, you look at the details and you might call it a "motorcycle", then you think about it and you call it a "vehicle". Remove the tooth away the pain!

The Felo FW-06 is something different, from many points of view, it has the dimensions and features of a scooter, but the rearsets, the riding position and the technical equipment are those of a motorbike.

Small and compact, but habitable and welcoming even for those who are around six feet tall, taut and modern lines, captivating and with many well-constructed and assembled technical details.

The Felo FW-06 has two hearts, the first is the INP58P lithium battery, guaranteed for 8 years or 80,000 km, which acts as a stressed element together with the frame and which allows the electric motor, the second heart of this Felo, to deliver 58Nm to the shaft. These must be multiplied by six once they arrive at the wheel, and are strictly controlled by the ATS, an automatic torque management system.

The numbers involved are such that one cannot fail to appreciate that the standard equipment includes double disc brakes (respectively 230 and 190 mm), with a single-channel ABS system, TCS traction control and the VCU (Vehicle Control Units)

Starting is keyless, Keyless System, while the status of the vehicle can be controlled remotely through a Smart App.

In addition to the classic service warning lights, the speedometer and the clock, the LCD instrument cluster also displays the battery charge status and residual range.

In optimal conditions and without cuffing the accelerator knob, it is around 120 km, more than enough for the type of vehicle.

Of course, if you make use of it like ours, in a track and playful context, well, things change. It also changes the judgment on the FW-06 which amazes and amuses so much, more than we would have expected.

Resting well on 110/80 and 140/70 tyres, both mounted on 14-inch rims, the FW-06 proves to be stable and quick through corners, well braked and with a set-up that doesn't show the rope even when pushing at the limit.

Limit sought by our guests, arrived directly from the MotoE Felo Gresini Racing Team, Matteo Ferrari and Alessio Finello.

Time to make two turns huh... Knee on the ground, boost button always activated and detached at the last gasp.

Seeing is believing...