The Special Edition of the FELO FW03 with the SIC58 livery




The Special Edition of the FELO FW03 with the SIC58 livery (Photo: Felo)


The Special Edition of the FELO FW03 with the SIC58 – FELO livery surprises the EICMA 2023 audience with a special tribute to the legend of Marco Simoncelli. This special edition was created with great passion to honor the memory of a rider who touched the hearts of many motorcycle enthusiasts. Alessandro Taglioretti, CEO of FELO Moto Italy, explains: "As a Motorsport enthusiast and Marco fan, presenting our most anticipated vehicle – the FW03 – in a version dedicated to him fills me with joy, pride and emotion. A unique, lively, witty coloring." The starting point is in fact FELO's FW03 Type 2, from which the team started and then created a livery designed to make the connection with Marco Simoncelli immediately recognizable: fluorescent yellow, black, white and red recall the colors of his bikes and his racing suits. Two parallel red stripes add a distinctive touch, while the leopard spots, a symbol of speed and agility, represent another element that is part of Sic’s imagery. The model, called FW03 SIC58 Limited Edition, will have a limited edition of 580 pieces and a retail price of € 5,990.00, including a 5-year warranty on the batteries.


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The Special Edition of the FELO FW03 with the SIC58 livery (Photo: Felo)


Paolo Simoncelli was also present at the presentation ceremony of the new FW03 SIC58, who commented: "I am really happy and excited to start this collaboration with FELO, they have created a product of the highest quality and the creation of the SIC58 limited series fully represents the spirit and joy that this name brings with it. Fans and enthusiasts around the world will have a new wishlist to put on their wishlist, we hope to surprise them."


What is FELO?

With its team of more than 15 years of experience, the HYTMOTO company, founded by Ann Pu, is an important part of the ambitious FELO project: HYTMOTO was initially responsible for the production of the FW06, the first model that made FELO famous all over the world. Today, FELO manufactures its own vehicles in its own production centers and, since 2022, the Italian subsidiary FELO Moto Italy has been founded. HYTMOTO continues to take care of global sales of motorcycles and electric motorcycles, including FELO motorcycles, with a strong dealer channel in Europe, a sales center in Italy and a marketing center in France.


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The FELO FW06 electric scooter (Photo: Felo)


range of electric scooters Presented for the first time at EICMA in 2022, today FELO products are finally marketed in Italy. The models that make up the FELO range are:FW03 STD:


the iconic model that evokes Honda's legendary CUB. A 100% electric vehicle, with 120 km of range, 80 km/h of speed and a 5-year warranty on the batteries. With a retail price of € 5,390.00, it is an exceptional option for those looking for a sustainable mobility solution that winks at the charm of vintage.


FW03 Type 2: Version that offers the same performance as the standard version, but with a Type 2 socket for fast charging and a built-in charger. At the retail price of € 5,590.00, it is designed for those who want maximum freedom of movement.

FW06: the vehicle that made FELO known all over the world. It offers a range of 140 km, a top speed of 110 km/h, a maximum peak of 10 kW and a front disc with ABS. With a 5-year warranty on the batteries.



The FELO FW06 electric scooter (Photo: Felo)


FW05: Based on the FW06, it offers a fun driving experience thanks to a 5 kW maximum peak motor, a top speed of 80 km/h, ABS as standard on the front disc and a 5-year warranty on the batteries.


FW07: the essence of sportiness that everyone has been waiting for, with superior performance and a top speed of 125 km/h, 12 kW of power at its peak and a range of 140 km. Equipped with a fast charger with type 2 socket and ABS on the front disc. With a 5-year warranty on the batteries.



The FELO FW03 electric scooter (Photo: Felo)